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Right from helping the students fill the application form to getting them settled in their dorm rooms, we see them through.


Before the application process that there is something called Overseas Education counseling which we provide for free. In this we try to understand if the student is passionate about becoming a doctor, because this field is also about passion which helps the students drive to work hard.


We guide parents so that they can contact banks in order to secure a loan for their wards. We make it very clear that we only give guidance and not give false promises saying we would secure loans for them.

Application and Admission assistance

The students’ work is only to fill the application form. We take care of the work from then on. As we are the direct representatives of universities’ the admission letter gets issued as early as possible which will be a great help for students who apply for Passport. For some universities’ the process varies which will be promptly informed by us.

Visa processing

This work is also done by League Overseas Edu. After the students get their passport the process of visa is started by us. The time for the processing varies depending upon the college and the country.

Paying Tuition fees

The fees which is given in the admission letter is the same for all the six years of education. Students can pay by using swift transfer from their bank accounts directly to the college accounts. The fees can also be paid using certain Government certified Forex services whom we have been trusting for the past many years.

Pre departure briefing

A program is conducted for students a month before their departure informing them of the necessary things needed to be carried by them and how they should be prepared for their dream course. Parents of old students and prominent doctors are invited to give motivation and teach them medical college survival and excelling skills. This also serves as a platform for students to meet their new friends who are not only going to share six years but most probably be lifelong friends.

Travel assistance

We share a good rapport with some of the best airline companies and tickets for students are booked in the same. We also help with ticket booking for subsequent travel every year for the students.

Post arrival assistance

  • Distributing SIM cards, so the students can get in touch with their parents immediately.
  • Helping students settle in Dormitory.
  • Taking students to file for the residence permit, insurance procedures.
  • Showing them around the campus and their classrooms.
  • Taking them to restaurants and making them familiarize with dishes.
  • Starting bank accounts and providing them ATM cards.

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