Kunming, China
Kunming International Airport

About Kunming

Kunming is the capital and the largest city of Yunnan province. The headquarters of many of Yunnan’s large businesses are in Kunming. Its economic importance derives from its geographical position. It is positioned near the border with Southeastern Asian countries, serving as a transportation hub in Southwest China, linking by rail to Vietnam and by road to Burma, Laos and Thailand. This positioning also makes it an important trade center in this region of the nation.

MCI Approved, W.H.O. & ECFMG Recognized.

Study 5 years.

Internship – 1 year

as a doctor in India within 6 years.

About Kunming Medical University

Kunming Medical University has made the Yunnan province outstanding in pharmaceutical and health care development as well as national unity and progress, prosperity and stability in contribution of health sciences with bordering countries.


Colleges (departments)


Undergraduate majors

Kunming Medical University also provides English taught undergraduate clinical medicine program for foreign students studying in China. Kunming Medical University currently has three campuses: Chenggong (main campus), Renmin West Road, and Pingzheng. After many years of development, a complete medical personnel training system has been formed, including full-time higher medical education (bachelor, master, doctoral) education, post-graduate education, continuing medical education, and overseas student education.

Kunming Medical University is the “international medical talent training base” in Yunnan Province.

About hospitals affiliated with Kunming Medical University

Kunming Medical University hospitals Meet the needs of practical teaching most sought after by students. The First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University is a key construction project of Yunnan Province’s great health.

Kunming Medical University has established a comprehensive practical teaching network consisting of 41 related professional practice teaching bases comprising more than 5000 beds.


Directly affiliated hospitals


Non-directly affiliated hospitals


Internship hospitals


Community practice teaching bases

It actively integrates into the national “Belt and Road” strategy. The First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University is an international regional medical center integrating medical treatment, specialized medical treatment, scientific research, personnel training, and medical international exchange and cooperation.

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