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Hey all!! I am Dr. Senthamil. I successfully completed by MBBS from China and also passed the FMGE. I am now working as a doctor in Coimbatore.

To begin with, I was a student good in academics in school. But didn’t get the required cut off marks need to get into MBBS in India. So, I met Kannan sir through one of my relatives who had also sent their daughter to study MBBS Abroad. He was very caring and I had all the help I could receive. And so I went to China and after six years, I have fulfilled my dream. I always thought six years will be very long, but it ended in justa eyeblink. My parents were very supportive throughout.

Another factor was the money needed to study MBBS in abroad. Though it is less we must anyway see that even those costs are met. Mr. Kannan told whatever the fees structure in the admission letter will be the same for all the six years. Yes, it was the same for six years. But before going to China I had enquired few consultants who said the cost of leaving was cheap and even 2000Rs/month would be enough. But Mr. Kannan told we would require 6000Rs/month for other expenses. We were baffled and we thought why is he saying this much high. It turned out that Mr. Kannan was right. He visits the universities thrice or more every year and knows exactly what is required in that particular city or country. Others just enroll students, they don’t visit the university abroad. Many of my friends who joined in Armenia and all have ti spend atleast 20000Rs/month.

The main thing in medicine is you have to study throughout college. Studying for one or two months at the rear end for FMGE won’t get you any where. I was advised by the people at League Overseas Edu that preparations started upfront would have an advantage, and so I did.

Before going to China, I was given a study program which I had to follow in order to pass FMGE in first attempt. It involved a series of steps right from reading the books till giving the FMGE. We were given a presentation at the office and told to stick to it no matter what. The initiative by them to give study materials along with these advice did wonders. I would use these materials to study after class, these helped me in clearing doubts after classes.I don’t know any consultant who takes care for the students as these people. I have even thought why these people put so much effort, when in real others don’t even maintain any contact. I would make it a habit of visiting Mr. Kannan every year during my vacation for advice and to get the updated materials too.

The people at League and also kannan sir would frequently check on us and see if we are studying properly. It is easy to get lost if no one constantly checks us. They would also share my academic news with my parents too. Though in some subjects where I was weak and scored moderate marks when compared to others, I strongly worked on that subject later on because I knew people were watching over me.

I would say this itself turned out to be a huge factor in helping me pass FMGE apart from the hard work I put in. I also followed League’s FMGE schedule and subject wise distribution. I would proudly recommend anyone to join MBBS in Abroad through League just for their individual care.

Overseas Education

Being a student from a middle class family, my dream of becoming a doctor rested solely on my NEET & 12th board exam marks. Though I studied well and got 90% in my board exams, my NEET marks were not good enough for me to get a seat in a government medical college in India. After many discussions with friends and attending many seminars, I came to know of League Overseas Edu and Mr. Kannan and thus my process of entering a medical college started. Mr. Kannan was from my city as well, and had good reputation among parents. He was not like many other consultants who sat in Chennai, Delhi, etc and controlled the things from there. He also frequently travels with students and also stays with them for even a month. These and many more gave us the confidence to move forward.
MBBS Abroad process requires a unique knack of identifying silly mistakes in the application process which could ruin and delay the process altogether. That’s where League Overseas Edu came in, with its years of experience in MBBS Abroad field I was able to complete the initial processes easily. Then came the most important thing- the passport. Many students go abroad for the first time and thus they have to apply for a passport. There is a separate wing in League Overseas Edu to take care of the passport process, so that, the passport arrives by the stipulated time and thus no hassle exists. There a lot of other things which I may explain in another blog fully.
After three months, I was aboard my first ever flight and was on my way to live my dream. The airport experience itself was unique in that I met a few friends whom I missed during League’s pre-departure function. Others had already become quite close to me. And thus our journey started. Destined to get my MBBS in Abroad.

Before the first day of college, our seniors should us around the campus and also made sure that we knew the location of our classrooms. We were also shown particularly the location of the mess, and they helped us buy our mess card. We just need to swipe and pay for every food we buy. Very very simple. The money gets deducted for every food we put on our plate. My documents were also checked and I got a room which I share with my friend. Room is cozy and comfortable with internet and a separate bathroom. One of the perks of studying abroad is you share a floor with students from many nationalities and you get to celebrate their festivals too like ours. We were also taken for a medical check up which we were told by League Overseas Edu that we would have once we arrive we China. It was a easy process and it got over within a few hours. We had some fried rice and chicken and went down to bed.

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